Prayer Requests

(To Add Prayer Requests Contact Kevin Smith.  If you add a prayer request, please update the information with Kevin Smith within two weeks.  Requests without updates will be deleted.)

Debbie Stanaway

I would  like prayer for two family members with heart issues. My 13 year old grandson Jeremiah continued healing for heart after heart procedure which went smoothly.   And my mom Donna who's scheduled for surgery to clean out her carotid artery on July 1.  And for me as I travel to Chicago area to help my mom with my granddaughter for 2 weeks.

(posted 06-21-2024)

Pastor Jim Peterson

Pastor is experiencing extreme pain in his lower left back area extending down in to his thigh area.  He is having a difficult time being able to move or function.  Please pray for the healing, relief, and wisdom for the doctors.

(posted 06-21-2024)

The family is now going to investigate a different rehabilitation facility for Pastor's father.  Pastor is very optimistic that his father will do well and return home soon.  Please know that your prayers are working and appreciated.

(posted 06-13-2024)

Pastor Jim's father is experiencing health complications.  He is 87 years old and in the final stages of life.  Please pray for peace, comfort, and God's perfect will be done for the family as well as God's healing hand.  Pray also for wisdom for treatment with the doctors, staff and family.

(posted 06-12-2024)

Kevin Smith

Stone removed successfully!  Dody is at home resting!  Thank you for your prayers!

(posted 06-18-2024)

Dody is scheduled to go back for surgery Tuesday to get rid of the stone(s).  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, healing, and full recovery.

(posted 06-14-2024)

Dody is home.  She still has the stone and doctors are still working to solve the problem.  Please continue to pray for her healing and wisdom for the doctors.

(posted 06-09-2024)

Please pray for Dody Ellis, wife of Steve Ellis (who is one of my pickleball friends).  She has a large kidney stone, 10mm, that is causing problems.  She is in Archbold Memorial in Thomasville.  She is undergoing her second surgical procedure of the week.  The doctors are uncertain of how to solve the problem of such a large stone. 

(posted 06-06-2024)

Kay Smith

Michelle is out of hospital and doing very well. Her oxygen level is back up to 98%! The severe asthma attacks that she was experiencing were brought on by a change in her blood pressure medicine a few weeks ago. While at the drugstore getting new prescriptions filled after leaving the  hospital, the pharmacist said you should not be taking this medicine now or ever! It's the reason you've been having asthma attacks, I'm sure. As soon as she stopped taking that medication, her oxygen level became normal, thank God. She's still having some problems, of course, because her lungs were damaged a lot during all of these attacks, so she really still needs  your prayers. Michelle asked me to thank everyone who has been praying for her with great appreciation. 

(posted 06-06-2024)

Farrah Murphy

Rentz had his follow up appointment and had his staples removed. Everything is looking great! He will have to follow up with oncology and will have upcoming appointments. Praise God for the good report and thank you all for your prayers!

(posted 06-14-2024)

Rentz is doing amazing and is at home!  We are still waiting on results from brain tissue that was collected and will have some follow up appointments.  He says he has felt every prayer and says "thank you".

(posted 06-02-2024)

Rentz is out of surgery.  The surgeon said it went well.  He will be in recovery for an hour or two and then ICU.  Please continue praying.

(posted 05-31-2024)

Keith's dad, Rentz Murphy, is having surgery tomorrow (Friday, May 30th) to remove a lesion on his brain.  He is at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

(posted 05-30-2024)