Our People's Heart

Christ's Fellowship Church is made up of a group of believers with unique gifts and talents who strive to seek Christ and know Him better each day. As we journey along that path we are inspired by the Holy Spirit to praise and worship the Creator through music, poems, artwork, and prayer. 

*To have your art included please submit it to Kevin Smith*

Morning Praise - Farrah Murphy

Thank you Lord,

For a brand new day
when I awake
For the air I breathe
and the breaths I take.

For the rising sun
and the warmth it will bring
For the beautiful birds
and the songs they sing.

For the flowers and trees
standing tall
For all your blessings,
big and small.

To Whom He Will Have Mercy - Stephen Register

Guilty under the Law by birth is man’s verdict

Totally depraved naturally absent the Spirit

The Helper provides knowledge and understanding

The gift of grace through faith planting

Through His power and will can good news be received

The sinner drawn to salvation only to those He retrieved

He alone leads the sinner’s awakening

No worldly appeal by man can cause such hastening

Death for Life the Son exchanges for currency

His Son accepted only To Whom He will have Mercy

There Is No Other - Steven Register

From Him all things are made

The Heavens and the Earth so awesomely laid


Through His hand all strength and power work

Who of the clay can question or shirk


To Him all glory is deserved

In whom there is no likening or equal observed


From Him I was formed so intricately in the womb

His steadfast love into the grey I will consume


Through His Word and Law I am taught

I incline my ears to instruction and hate not


To Him all the worship of earth He will uncover

For He alone is God, There is no other

Promises Given - Stephen Register

No need to fear, He goes before us

He has overcome the world, we take heart and trust


His counsel will instruct and teach

Firm are the steps as we delight in His reach


Although weary, burdened and weak

His grace and strength are made perfect as we seek


Renewal of strength to those who hope

Perseverance granted when we take His yolk


Plans declared to give us hope and a future

Peace that transcends all understanding given by the Producer


By His wounds we have been healed

Of His Spirit we are delivered and sealed


In our stillness, He will always fight

We shall fear no evil in the darkest night


In every trouble He hears our cry

A refuge of Himself He will always provide


In all our ways we will submit in recognition

As the Giver is revealed through the Promises Given

Go and Make - Stephen Register

Service in the body we often escape

Let us labor and not merely spectate


Baptizing and teaching is our commission

Interrupted by our own selfish-ambition


A testimony of His grace we proclaim

But of wrong done to us we lay blame


To “be a good Christian” we certainly strive

But time with Him we so deprive


The time is near not knowing the date

Of His likeness we are called to imitate


So be doers of the Word and not hearers only

Just as He is, we are elected to be Holy


To the end of the age, He will not forsake

Therefore in obedience and love we will Go and Make

Humbly I Pray - Stephen REgister

Father I cry out as long as I have breath

Conversation made accessible only by His death


To You I petition Your will be done

For the brethren as well as one on one


Give me eyes to see and ears to hear

As you have forgiven me, may I also adhere


Protect me always with a means of escape

Let no evil touch this vessel or reshape


Accept my worship Lord, so long as it is called today

In all circumstances giving thanks and never ceasing, Humbly I Pray

Love one another - stephen register

In harmony we are called to live

Acceptance without judgment we cheerfully give


Through humble submission and respect

We exhort and build up with no neglect


Burdens we bare and counsel we provide

Our gracious response to Christ in whom we abide


Service to the body and preserving all unity

Offering comfort through the gift of our immunity


Gentle and kind in all our words and deeds

Admonishing all as the Holy Spirit leads


When we are wrong we will confess

Forgiveness we give with no protest


All fear cast out by the perfect Lover

Because He first loved us, we Love One Another

poetry of prayer - stephen register

You Love me


You carry my burdens and give me rest

Your arms remain open like an everlasting nest


You are gentle and kind in all your ways

But in my anxiety and fear there is a constant haze


Like a perfect Father protects his son

You saved me once and for all and said it was done


Your heart for my whole being holds me

Humble and meek but containing all power and authority


You dawn me with rich grace and mercy

You demonstrate perfect love towards me


Yet even though I still stumble

You promise grace if I would be humble

No matter the extent of my trouble


Lord let me never forget what you chose me to be

I pray I always know just how much You Love me







Still a Slave


Shackled by the weight of my sin

Drowning in a sea of guilt up to my chin


You rescued me from impending death

Why me Lord, why this guilty wretch


I was created to worship until disobedience led to my fall

Now my chains are subject to Your Law


My body aches and mourns as it slowly dies

Everyday is filled with only lows and no highs


Then, in Your love, grace and mercy, You offered a rescue

A sacrifice of Yourself that is justified and true


No longer am i an instrument of sin

You have recreated me for life with no end


Once convicted and held captive by death’s dreadful wave

I am free at once in You, yet Still a Slave








I Trust


Fear surrounds me from all sides

In my despair it slowly creeps in like an evening tide


Arrows of past sin memories haunt me

Worry and fatigue exhaust my efforts to truly see


In the depth of my sorrow I start to lean in

Your Word saves me and reminds I am free from sin


Flesh begins to fade as the Spirit takes over

Understanding my heart is not mine and You are the owner


Father, You are in control and without You I am just dust

How wonderful Your love is for me and in whom I Trust














Be Still


The noise of this world is deafening

Thoughts of doubt cause much wavering


Why can’t I be calm while I wait

For You are at work and never late


Lord I ask, have faith and will not doubt

Like a divine map, you have designed my route


Perfect and complete, lacking in nothing

Generously You give to the steadfast and trusting


Unstable in the flesh, but firm in the Spirit

How thankful I am of what You said I would inherit


Test and trials we count as joy according to Your will

Lacking wisdom and strength, I run to You Father to Be Still











By Faith


We see the creation and know He is God

He speaks and we hear ever how steady we plod


Abraham was called to go and he went

In obedience, he set out for the promise with no relent


Moses led the people out of Egypt

Knowing without knowing God’s script


David conquered the giant

Answering the call with a heart so suppliant


The fiery furnace could not touch those He chose

In the same way, the Lions mouths were closed


Peter walked on the water with eyes fixed

Fully committed in our Savior’s midst


Saved through His sacrifice by grace

In all these things, none is possible, but By Faith








The Pool


I have little strength to move or to walk

Day after day I strain on what to say or how to talk


Like the blind and lame I am in need

For so long, I have come to a Bethseda with no seed


Now this day, I desired to be healed

Nothing else needed, but only that I yield


By His Word He promises the tool

Never again will I visit The Pool

















No Weapon


His armor protects me with mighty strength

He is never far away, closer than an arms length


No matter what scheme or what snare

My Redeemer is always there


Standing firm will be the result against evil in that day

As He promised His Spirit through the Way


His shield of faith , so much at work

It is a refuge from the enemy that lurks


As iron sharpens iron, so does He do so for the brethren

I am forever safe in Him with no need of a weapon
















Lord I so long to hear your voice

I have wasted time complaining, rather than rejoice


I should by now recognize Your Words

But by running, I can no longer discern


Like in my youth, I drink milk like a child

But in my brokenness, I dine on meat from the wild


As a son, I take joy in your discipline and correction

You mature me through the test and trials of my election


Whether as a child or now as a man, You have walked with both

Lord sanctify me every day, so Your glory is seen through my Growth














The Spirit Discerned


Good and evil, how can I distinguish

Only through His Word and Spirit, self I must relinquish


Scripture overtime trains the senses

The cloudiness of my sight now has new lenses


He promised the Helper to guide in truth

Even when the path is assuredly unsmooth


Now because He leads, I repent and have turned

I can hear you Lord, as the Spirit Discerned



















Lord without You I am nothing

My hope is only in Your Son, no cause for puffing


So many times, I get ahead of You

Lacking rest and self-control I push through


Fear and worry prevent my eyes to see and ears to hear

If only I would be calm and still, You promise to draw near


In my heart of flesh I make plans, but you plan my steps

Through the Spirit You me guide by Your precepts


My heart will take courage in expectance

I will root myself in Your Word where there is true acceptance


You will fight, I need only remain

I was bought with perfect blood only You sustain


As I hold in silence eager for an update

My hope is in You, so I patiently Wait








Thank You


How grateful I am to You Lord

You chose me, a promise from Your Word


How amazing is Your character and nature

May You always be glorified through my labor


How wonderful is Your love for Your people

Never ending grace until the day of our retrieval


How beautiful it will be when we finally see You

An unimaginable sight and incomprehensible view


How great and awesome is Your reach

Even to me, the smallest grain of sand on the beach


How worthy You are to be praised and adored

Humbled by Your grace, a debt I can’t afford


How marvelous the sight of all Your creation

No words can describe how extreme my elation


My God, my Lord, my Friend, all things you subdue

May I always obey, trust and never forget to Thank You





We Ask


You exhort us to seek

To find strength when we are weak


As we draw near with obedience and trust

You fix our brokenness and self-disgust


We approach Your throne in reverent prayer

Our joy resides in the answer You declare


More abundantly than we can imagine

You console us with all compassion


Freely we come to You with all our needs

You supply faith when we lack the seeds


In our flesh, we hide behind our mask

But in the Spirit, there is no fear, if only We Ask











The Bread


For those who hunger and thirst, a promise You make

You freely give. No need to earn, we need only take


Our souls long to be filled

Possible only through a perfect Man killed


Everlasting storehouses of provision given

Attainable solely by the Son risen


We come to the table and feast

Never again needful in the least


Life giving supply He offers

Of His body and blood, we become righteous quaffers


His Words nourish our growth as we are fed

Truly sustained forever only by The Bread











The Preacher (Ecclesiastes)


We seek to toil in whatever would glorify Him

We desire not to earn the approval of men


Wealth and riches is above and beyond our need

Without wisdom and obedience, all is vanity


Righteous or wicked, suffering exists in all

Under the sun, a product of the fall


Upright we were made

But our many schemes demanded a debt be paid


How wonderful are the gifts He has given

Bread and wine for life, a Savior risen


Time ordained and a season for every matter

Our time is short, yet He endures forever


So take pleasure in His creation with joy

For one day He will come to judge and destroy


As we approach even closer back to the dust

Our duty only is that we love, obey and trust







The magi followed the stars to what was foretold

While Mary and Joseph journeyed a route so bold


Shepherds attended flocks unaware of the coming King

As Herod laid snares that would not sting


The prophecy given would be upheld

“Glory to God in the highest” the multitude of host yelled


Bethlehem, a small town of sheep and shepherds

Bore the Shepherd of Israel with worship and treasures


How humble and meek was the place of His birth

Lying in a manger on a floor of hay and dirt


From the line of David was His position

“Unto us a Child is born, a Son given”


Our Savior and King so true and just

“Immanuel, God with us”













we are called - stephen register

From His image He made Adam

The most creative of creations, never random


To glorify God and enjoy Him forever

The chief end of man no man can sever


The people of Israel are those He chose

Through them a Son of redemption soon arose


Now, the ends of the earth are of the elect

Grafted in by grace, a gift if we accept


His love and work in us is never paused

If we are His, always We Are Called