Our vision-inspired, prayerful goals:

  • We envision that all who come to Christ's Fellowship Church will grow dynamically in their personal, individual walks with Christ. In Him, we purpose to walk In the Spirit in such a way that the fruit of the Spirit will be more and more evident [Galatians 5:22-25].    
  • We envision that Christ's Fellowship Church will grow numerically as a missionWe are trusting Him, that He will grow our church, not by transfer growth, but by His gracious reach to the lost.  We desire to reach the unreached people of our area for Christ and to disciple them so that they, in turn, will lead others to Christ and disciple themWe envision Christ's Fellowship Church tripling, or quadrupling, or even quintupling in size through His gracious reach to those who at present don't know Him [Matthew 28:18-20].
  • We envision that Christ's Fellowship Church, given the goal above, will become a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-racial church. We believe this will be a better reflection of heaven, and of God, the Creator of all [Revelation 7:9].  
  • We envision that Christ's Fellowship Church will reach young families in their twenties and thirties who are turning to Christ as their Lord; that within a few years, the next generation will become the servant leaders who will guide Christ’s Fellowship Church to the next level of growth for the glory of God [2 Timothy 2:2].
  • We envision that Christ's Fellowship Church will prepare and take steps to launch a church plant and / or satellite campus to reach more people within 5 years [Matthew 9:37-38]. 


CFC leadership will reassess and recalibrate these goals, as the Lord directs.