You're Invited to Invite!

As Christ personally enters into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, we can't help but to realize everything has changed by the power of

His death and resurrection!  This Easter Sunday as we celebrate Him, you are invited to come and celebrate Him with us!  

If you've never been a church goer.... you are invited and welcome here.  If you've left church...  you are invited and welcome here.  If you have questions about God, and your spiritual life... you are invited and welcome here.  If you're imperfect, you'll fit right in with us...  Christ's Fellowship Church

is a church of imperfect people whose eyes are fixed on a perfect Savior.

As you come, invite your friends and family to come with you.  We can't wait to see you.... we have been praying for you!

*Plan on coming to the 9 or 11 am service (417 Connell Rd, Valdosta GA 31602)

*Continental breakfast served before each service

* Childcare provided for each service